The AFC North is Ripe for the Picking

The vaunted AFC North has seemed to follow the same script for the past fifteen seasons. We see the Cleveland Browns be bottom dwellers, the Cincinnati Bengals can’t ever get out of their own way, that leaves the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers to battle it out down the stretch with a division clinching face off in December. After seeing the same story play out time and time again, America is ready for the next chapter.

The Cleveland Browns have been media darlings over the last thirteen months, and rightfully so. They’ve acquired a massive amount of young talent and they finally appear to be able develop this talent for once.

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The tides all turned when Baker Mayfield was selected as the first player overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. Baker fits Cleveland perfectly. He oozes the swagger that Cleveland as a city so desperately yearned for. Mayfield is also a football junkie that is undersized and has been doubted at every step along the way. Does that not bleed Cleveland to you? And to top it off, Baker also showed up at a time when The Land’s favorite son, LeBron James, was headed out the door. Baker eased the transition of losing The Chosen One and instantly gave the city hope to grasp on to.

The rest of the division is middling. In a nutshell, the Bengals have an unproven coach and an under-talented roster. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a joke. They’ve had Brown, Bell, and Ben and have only won 1 playoff game in the last eight years. The Ravens have a running back playing quarterback and also shuffled out their aging defense by giving up CJ Mosley, Eric Weddle, and Terrell Suggs. Expect the purple and black to take a step back this season.

This division is screaming for a fresh face to take the reigns and lead us into the wave of the future. Baker Mayfield is the perfect candidate to turn Cleveland into Believeland again.

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