Stop pushing pills on players, just let them smoke weed

The debate has gone on for years inside NFL locker rooms as to what method of treatment professional athletes should receive. Many more players have become vocal about their concerns with being administered highly addictive pain killers just to be able to step onto the field of play.

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Numerous players both current and former have spoken out about being forced to eat unhealthy amounts of pain pills like OxyContin or Cortisone shots. This isn’t an anomaly, Brett Favre, one of the greatest players to ever suit up, has been open about his battle with addiction through the decades. Basically, Brett took so many hits, that team doctors drugged him up so much, he became a walking zombie and was very very addicted to prescription drugs. An unhealthy lifestyle to say the least.

Marijuana has been cited as a cure-all for many of these issues players are being prescribed drugs for. A lot of these players are angry at the team. Essentially the team doctors tell a player “take these or you’re not playing”. If a player doesn’t play, he ends up being cut because he’s not reliable.

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These players are put in a situation where they literally must choose: become addicted to prescription drugs and absolutely rot your liver, kidneys, and brain. Or you can not take these drugs, and not play. Which will lead to you losing your job.

Imagine your employer putting you in that situation? Become an addict or you don’t get to work here anymore.

Players continue to push for legalization of marijuana throughout the league. There are upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations set to take place between the NFL and the NFL Player’s Association.

All we can do a fans and people of compassion is hope that the referendum on marijuana in the NFL is lifted. Our favorite stars don’t need to be propped up just to play the game. These guys are often sick and unhealthy due to the sacrifices they’re making for our entertainment.

Yes, I want to see bone crunching hits. I’m okay with rehabilitative processes to get players healthy. I’m okay with the league drug testing for recreational drugs. I’m not okay with making these players dependent on foreign substances. Give the boys some tree, let ‘em blaze.

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