Should KD Carve his own Path or Link with Another Star?

Kevin Durant’s pending free agency this summer has the NBA on edge anticipating a change of the guard. The Golden State Warriors have won 3 of the last 4 NBA Championships and appear well on their way to winning a fourth title this postseason. The NBA is in desperate need of parody. The Warriors not being able to pay both Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant this summer will go a long way in finding that parade once again.

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Durant has a ton of options available to him this summer. He could look to go to a big market and find himself in Los Angeles, New York, Brooklyn, or even a place like Chicago. We could also see Durant look to pair up with another star and fall on the sword of public opinion once again.

Durant will live in infamy as the guy who got a cheap ring by joining the team that he couldn’t beat on his own. I don’t imagine he wants to go through that criticism again.

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Durant should look to carve his own path and create his legacy on his own terms. If I were him, I’d look to go to an awful team in a big city. The New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, or Los Angeles Clippers would be ideal fits because all are landing spots that move the needle. Durant can make tons of money from endorsements in any of those cities, he also will have a massive fan base behind him in any of those markets.

The beauty of picking a team that’s awful but in a big city, is that Durant can essentially build his own team. If he ends up as a Knick or a Clipper for example, Kevin can easily call someone like Kyrie Irving or Kawhi Leonard to come join him. The Knicks and Clippers essentially have zero salary cap commitments moving forward, so they can afford to sign stars outright and build a team from scratch.

Durant will get the last laugh in this if he plays his cards right. Landing in a huge market with passionate fans and a national audience, coupled with endless cap space and ability to recruit other stars to join you; all should have KD salivating at this point.

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