Just Give Aaron Boone Manager of the Year Already

The New York Yankees are just plodding along ten games above five hundred sitting at 26-16 a quarter of the way through the MLB season. They’re trending for about a hundred wins, which isn’t uncommon, it’s the way they’re doing it that’s rare.

Image via northjersey.com

Aaron Boone currently has 12 plays on the “Injured List”. There are only 25 players on a major league roster. Boone is making magic with what he has to work with.

This is an awful sign for American League foes like the Red Sox, Astros, Indians, Twins, or Rays. The Yankees can play with any of these teams right now, despite the fact that the Yanks are down so many bats.

Image via nysportstoday.com

It’s far too early to crown division champs, playoff births, or make definitive predictions for what will play out this summer. Baseball is far too much of a momentum game to just hand Boone the Manager of the Year Award yet. But come on, this guy has been far and away the best manager in baseball.

We’ll see how scary this team ends up being once the season begins to really shape-up. As of right now, I’d say betting on the Yanks is a very safe bet.

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