Get your Popcorn, Baseball is About to get Fun

The Major League Baseball season is just over 10% of the way complete and we are starting to get into the meat of the schedule. The past two seasons have featured slow starts league-wide offensively, coupled with a surge in offense once the summer begins. Expect to see a lot of the same this campaign.

As an admitted fan of a cold weather club, I can confidently say that this trend occurs seemingly every season. With the regular season starting in late March, it’s still cold in most cities north of the Carolinas.

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Cold weather lends itself towards defense in every sport. Ray Lewis’ Ravens proved that a strong defense in a cold weather city can reign terror on opponents for over decade. What happens when it gets cold on the PGA Tour? A lot of the scoring goes up relative to par. The same exact principle applies to baseball.

Swinging a bat into a rock-hard ball, while it’s 35 degrees outside is essentially suicide for your hands; similar to kicking a field goal in freezing temperatures. It physically hurts to play offense for the first few weeks of the season. A cold ball just doesn’t fly as swiftly through the dense air; whether that be a football, baseball, or a golf ball.

It isn’t a coincidence that the Cleveland Indians for example are hitting .210 as a team right now. That would give them their worst overall team batting average since before 1901.

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Expect those numbers to gear significantly towards the offense throughout the league once the weather heats up. The perfect culmination being in October, when the weather nullifies both offense and defense.

Hang in there fans of teams up north, your boys will start slugging soon enough. I promise.

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