Don’t Overthink it, Take the Freak

With Thursday’s NFL Draft quickly approaching, media members and bloggers alike have been cranking out mock drafts like an assembly line. At the end of the day, we have no idea who’s going to be selected where, not to mention we have no idea who will actually be a boom or a bust prospect.

This year’s NFL Draft class is different than many others we’ve seen recently. The quarterback class is considered to be weak near the top, with only two or three guys earning a first round grade, but it’s generally deep in the later rounds.
The wide receiver class is awful at the top, but there are a ton of guys bunched in as 3rd-4th round picks at the position. There’s no Tyrone Smith or Zack Martin available along the offensive line, so finding a generational talent there may be a stretch as well.

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The one calling card for this draft class is freakishly athletic defensive lineman. It’s not far fetched to envision Josh Allen, Nick Bosa, Jeffrey Simmons, Ed Oliver, Quinnen Williams, Montez Sweat, or Christian Wilkins amassing 100+ sacks over a decade long NFL career. I’m not kidding. The defensive linemen in this class are scary.

Many teams sitting in the top 10-15 picks will be pressed with the age-old question: Do we select the best player available on our board or do we select the player who fills the most immediate need for the team?

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Select best player available this year. Please, I’m begging you. The offensive line, running backs, quarterbacks, receivers, and defensive backs are all very weak position groups this year. A team reaching to fill need, not only won’t get as good of a player as they could if they select best available player, but they also would be getting an inferior prospect than they normally would. What I mean is a first round receiver in this year’s class, is a second round talent in any other draft.

General Manager’s don’t need to overthink this at all. There’s a freakishly scary athlete sitting right in front of you… take him. I don’t care who you currently have along he defensive line. You always, always, always take the generational talent.

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